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Automatic drain device

  • Automatic hydraulic oil separator (hgyzd-YY-I (t)-□)
  • Automatic hydraulic oil separator (hgyzd-YY-I (t)-□)
Automatic hydraulic oil separator (hgyzd-YY-I (t)-□)Automatic hydraulic oil separator (hgyzd-YY-I (t)-□)

Automatic hydraulic oil separator (hgyzd-YY-I (t)-□)

  • MINI01A-2W+
  • constant current
  • MINI LED Lights
  • 2W+
  • Product description: Constant current MINI LED Lights-MINI01A-2W+
Oil separation equipment is our company combined with advanced technology at home and abroad, according to our long-term research and development experience; Commissioning and operation feedback, aiming at the characteristics of oily wastewater from restaurants in China, such as large amount of oil, turbid oil and water, high ss content, and large fluctuation of outlet water, etc., new equipment independently developed: this equipment adopts horizontal flow mode, oily wastewater enters the solid-liquid separation area of oil separator through water inlet, sundries are intercepted by solid-liquid separator, collected sewage and wastewater flow into the oil-water separation area by gravity, and this area is equipped with water distribution and diversion device, which effectively reduces the water flow rate, makes full use of the whole pool body and increases the actual residence time of sewage and wastewater. The new generation of disc oxygen transfer aeration technology cuts the air into very small bubbles, accelerates the rate of oil-water separation, and floats the grease to the surface of oil collection area. To prevent grease from solidifying and caking, the oil gathering area is equipped with automatic constant temperature heating device, and the oil-water separation area regularly discharges the floating oil on the upper part of the oil gathering area to the oil gathering barrel by using the pressure generated by the liquid level difference of sewage and wastewater. The intelligent operation and management system of this series of oil separation equipment has greatly solved the problems of traditional oil separation management, maintenance and operation, and also upgraded the oil separation technology in China to a new step sewage lifting equipment, which collects sewage wastewater lower than the municipal sewage pipe network through the water collection tank, or needs to be filtered and lifted for discharge, and sends it to a highly integrated sewage discharge system in the urban sewage system through the lifting pump. It consists of water collecting tank, filter, sewage pump, automatic liquid level meter and electrical control device. The waste water flows into the water collecting tank through the entrance of the whole set of equipment, and after reaching the starting water level of the equipment, the equipment starts automatically to lift the sewage and discharge it to the municipal pipe network. Use patented technology: Jitter unpowered self-cleaning grid patent number: ZL 2015 2 0610958.2 Patent number of oil-water separator: ZL 2014 2 0657505.0 Patent number of air-floating oil separator: ZL 2013 2 0269409.4